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Our salon is located in a quiet residential area and has a relaxed, at-home atmosphere. We have confidence in our styling skills, so you can come to our salon knowing you are in good hands. <Muslima Beauty>

주소 〒 262 - 0025
3-11-9 Hanazono,Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi,Chiba
점포 전화번호 +81-43-273-5445
회화 가능:日本語,English
지역 Other(Chiba City)
다언어 대응 약간 가능:English
회화 가능:日本語
종류 Beauty
신용카드 Credit Cards Not Accepted
영업 시간 Business as usual 09:00 ~ 18:10
정기 휴일 Sunday,Tuesday
주차장 Available
할랄 대응 Available
Female staffs
Private room
Prayer space
Animal and alcohol free shampoo

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