To Users of Chiba Omotenashi SHOP Guide – Terms of Use

Chiba City and Funabashi City (hereinafter collectively called “City” or “We”) hereby stipulates the following terms of use (hereinafter called “Terms of Use”) with regard to the use of “Chiba Omotenashi SHOP Guide” which can be found at (hereinafter called “the Website”). Foreign travelers and Japanese viewers, being the main users of the Website (hereinafter called “Users” or “You”), signal their agreement to Terms of Use by using the Website. Please read the following carefully.
When using the Website, please refer to the latest terms of use, since the contents of Terms of Use may be changed as necessary.

Article 1 Provisions Relating to Services

  • Use of Website
    You are permitted to use the Website upon agreeing to these Terms of Use.

  • Guarantee and Change of Service Contents
    We do not provide any guarantee as to the defect or failure-free nature of the contents of the services which are to be provided.
    We are permitted to change the contents and specifications of the services, as well as to suspend or cancel the provision of the services without giving any prior notice to the Users.

  • Map Information Providing Service
    We do not provide any guarantee with regard to the map information concerning the addresses of restaurants, etc. which are posted on the Website.

Article 2 Prohibited Acts

Users shall not engage in any of the following acts upon using the Website:

  • Any acts or threatened acts which violate the rights owned by other Users, any third parties, or Chiba City;
  • Any acts which violate the public order or morality;
  • Any acts of falsifying information which may be used by or on the Website;
  • Any acts of transmitting or writing harmful computer programs, etc.;
  • Any acts or threatened acts which may hinder the operation of the Website;
  • Any acts which violate the laws and regulations, or any acts which may violate the laws and regulations, such as the dissemination of rumors; or
  • Any other acts judged by Chiba City as being inappropriate.

Article 3 Contents of Translation

We ask for your understanding in advance that there may be cases in which foreign language materials posted on the Website are not necessarily translated accurately or in which the original Japanese contents are not reflected accurately in the translation.
Chiba City shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage incurred through Users’ use of the Website.

Article 4 Disclaimer

We do not provide any guarantee as to the completeness and accuracy of the information posted on the Website. Posted information may be changed without prior notice.
We shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred directly or indirectly through Users’ use of the information or contents included in the Website.

Article 5 Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights

Any and all rights regarding the text, images, programs and other data, etc. which constitute the Website (including, without limitation, ownership, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights) shall be vested in Chiba City, rights holders and/or the business operators of the restaurants, etc. posted on the Website (collectively “Rights Holders”). Users must not, in any way, shape or form, copy, photocopy, reprint, forward, accumulate, sell, publish or otherwise engage in any unauthorized use of any part of the Website, without obtaining the Rights Holders’ prior consent; provided, however, that if Users meet the following criteria, they may make use of store information provided on the Website, such as descriptions and images relating to the posted business operators (“Store Information”) in printed materials or by other methods, without the need to obtain approval from the Rights Holders.

  • The purpose of use of the Store Information is introducing the posted business operators;
  • Not falsifying the contents of the Store Information;
  • Clearly stating that the source of the Store Information is the “Chiba Omotenashi SHOP Guide”; 
  • Clearly stating the acquisition date of the Store Information and that the information is correct as of the acquisition date;
  • Endeavoring to use the most up-to-date information possible, by updating the information regularly, etc.; and
  • Using the Store Information only within the scope of the Users’ responsibilities.

Article 6 Governing Law and Jurisdiction Court

The use of the Website and the interpretation and application of these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise stipulated. The Chiba District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance with regard to any and all disputes concerning the use of the Website.